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Change the way wildfire comes to your community


Our mission

To educate audiences so they can participate in the megafires conversation

Since June, 2016, the presentation has reached

Cities: 77        People: 25,000+

This presentation will revolutionize public understanding of this problem.
— Susan Kaspari, Phd, Central Washington University
The Era of Megafires clearly has a uniquely-effective ability to engage and inform our communities on what we can do to reduce the risk of catastrophic wildfires...
— Bob Bugert, Chelan Douglas County Landtrust
One of the most productive ways to engage our community on issues around forest restoration and fire.
— Nicole Strong, Forestry Extension Agent, Assistant Professor, Oregon State University


The rise of highly destructive megafires -- wildfires over 100,000 acres -- has become one of today's most pressing and complex problems. Our communities, homes, businesses and even our very way of life are threatened by them. Facing the reality of this issue can be nothing short of daunting. But like all wicked problems, through education we can change the way fire comes to our forests and communities. 

The Era of Megafires is a 60-minute multi-media presentation that combines the research of Dr. Paul Hessburg (Pacific Northwest Research Station, U.S. Forest Service) with the visual storytelling of award-winning film company, North 40 Productions. Designed to engage a wide-audience, the presented material comes in the form of fast-moving, short, topic-based talks interspersed with compelling video vignettes and animations, and features the work of wildfire photographer, John Marshall. The Era of Megafires will inform, engage and inspire audiences, as well as provide an effective educational tool for organizations who are working tirelessly to improve the wildfire situation.

A powerful testament to the wildfire challenges we face... [and] a call to action that invites everyone to take ownership in developing solutions.
— Rufus Woods, Publisher of the Wenatchee World
...A must see.
— Susan Kaspari, Phd, Central Washington University
This presentation tells us how we got where we are today and what we can do about it.
— Gary Marshall, NFPA State Firewise Liason for Oregon

Host a screening


eom digital download

Download a digital copy of Paul's presentation for your event or create your own presentation from the EOM media library. 

Option 1: 60-Minute Era of Megafires Presentation.

  • A digital download of the complete presentation given by Paul Hessburg in front of a live studio audience
  • Press kit with artwork for posters, post cards, and social media to help you market your event
  • Cost: $250

Option 2: Unlimited use of all the individual video, animation, and graphic files for 2 years. 

  • A digital download of every video, animation, and graphics file for your use in creating your own presentation.
  • Press kit with artwork for posters, post cards, and social media to help you market your event
  • Cost: $950

*Please note that rebroadcasting, duplicating or publishing (including online) any part of the Era of Megafires Presentation in any capacity, without specific written consent, is prohibited.


Era Of Megafires Live

Sometimes a live event is just what a community needs to spark interest, involvement and action.  Because of Paul's limited availability, the Era of Megafires is looking to partner with communities that have a potential for high impact who can host the live presentation. Here's what you need to know to bring the presentation to your town:

  • The Presentation is between 60 and 70 minutes, plus a Q&A session after to focus on local issues. Feel free to invite your own experts and/or use Dr. Hessburg.
  • You’ll need a venue and existing audio/visual equipment. We do have audio visual equipment to supplement as needed. 
  • Expenses to host include a licensing fee plus actual travel costs for Dr. Hessburg and his assistant. Licensing funds are used for further project development and education.
  • Please invite any and all appropriate organizations to have a booth in the lobby to give the audience additional opportunities to learn about the issues.
  • We will provide a press kit with artwork for posters, post cards, and social media to help you market your event.
  • If you aren’t an organization already educating the public about Wildfire, check around your community. Likely, there is already a group or two working on this and they may be the perfect fit to host the Presentation.